"To say that Kathy rocks is an understatement. She understands the technologies, but more importantly, she understands the human interface with technology, intuitively translating needs into eloquently coded solutions. She's a joy to work with."
— Mike DeHart, Director of I.T., Piedmont Environmental Council

"The commercial firms that priced my site were staffed with two distinct types of people — industrial-strength coders and art-school designers. In Kathy, I found one woman who could do it all. She shouldered the site's extraordinarily complex architecture while keeping the style clean and simple. Kathy is smart, fast, reliable, honest and, most of all, easy to work with, even on my grumpiest days."
— David Poole, Virginia Public Access Project

"Cashel.net helped me with every aspect of my web site. Kathy was instrumental in effectively translating my ideas into the web format. Artists and designers are always complimenting me on the site, and I think it is helping my career."
— Mica Scalin, artist

"I keep on forgetting to tell you how fantastic the web site looks. It's really wonderful. I looked at it again this morning just because I needed a lift. It just has a great feeling to it: it communicates the community wonderfully well and gives the necessary information at the same time."
— Scott Schang, Sign of Jonah Clinic